Step into your power gurll and start creating a life you love.

I call my friend’s Kings + Queens, mainly because we have the power to change all the lives around us. There are steps you can start taking today to find meaning in everything you do! I started creating my life last year, once I realized I would do anything to find joy. Since then I’ve started therapy, quit my job, built a cannabis education company, and I dance way more than I should (watch me whip).

Now I’m helping other women find their path to a rich and fulfilled life. I’ll teach you self preservation and the tools you can use to support you on your path.

It all starts with a choice.

Find your magic.
Feel mighty.
Run shit.


Coming soon: Design your life.

Hey Ladies, let’s be more honest about what we need. DYL is a one month intensive self discovery supported by other women on their journey. Wether you’re looking to make more money, feel sexier, change your job, lifestyle, or mindset. We got you.

Get ready to feel all the good feels:

Passion • Excitement • In Control • Strength • Drive • Support • Confidence

What you’ll experience:

  • A small group of badass women just like you

  • Accountability + support

  • Resources + motivation always at your fingertips in our private facebook group

  • A welcome kit of goodies including my favorite CBD ($90 online)

  • Direct actionable steps to find yourself and your purpose

4 Sessions covering:

  • The importance of Visualization

  • Crafting your personal mission statement

  • Does this make you happy + the power of choice

  • How to build your safe space + how to use tools that support you

When we meet
Every Tuesday night, coming soon.

How we meet
Via Zoom, facebook group, and private suggestions from me!

Apprenticeship Cost
$400 (Only $100/Session)

Because it’s hard to do it alone.

If someone told you you could change your life in a month, would you do it?
This one month accountability course is created for women at any stage looking to
build confidence, get in control, and start feeling ecstatic about their lives.
We can’t do it without you :)

If you’ve felt any of these lately, it’s about time to redesign your life:

Sluggish • Weak • Full of Anxiety • Overwhelmed • Underwhelmed • Deflated • Small