Calan Ma'lyn Design


b. 1986, HK.


Proud to work with :

Albright-Knox Art Gallery
Gen3 Marketing
Museum of the American Revolution
Please Touch Museum
Denison University
Defined Naturals
Harvard GSD Grounded Visionaries
BlueSky of Portland
Philadelphia Cocoaheads
+ more

Calan Malyn is a Interactive Director +  Collage Artist living in East Falls, Pennsylvania. 

She's most inspired by her desire and love for traveling incorporating new adventures into her collages. Her favorite part of her process is during discovery where she is able to research and explore new ways to create. 

When she's not working with the very talented people at 20nine, she enjoys adventuring/creating with her illustrator partner, Bryce Gladfelter.  You'll find her at her happiest when she is dancing along to James Brown, singing at around a camp fire or cooking up a new dish.